Moon Gazing Hare Pendant

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The hare symbolises femininity, longevity and rebirth and is associated with the lunar cycle. The Anglo-Saxons depicted Ostara, the goddess of the moon, fertility and spring, with a hare’s head. Eostre, the Celtic version of this goddess was said to be a shape-shifter who turned into a hare at full moon. Both hares and rabbits were sacred to the Celts and were used for divination and other shamanic practices.


  • Designed and handcrafted in Cornwall
  • Flat shaped open profile
  • Solid Pewter with high polished finish
  • 18″ (46cm) Rhodium plated trace chain
  • Presentation box included


Height (mm): 29
Width (mm): 23
Thickness (mm): 3
Weight (g): 5
Hallmark: No
Stone: No

Note: Pewter contains NO Lead or Nickel. All measurements exclude jump ring and chain.

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