Knotwork Torc Bangle

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Gods and Goddesses of Celtic Mythology were frequently shown wearing Torcs. They were a sign of nobility, strength, power, high social status, and were awarded to warriors for great achievements in battle. Made from intertwined metal strands usually in gold or bronze, and often with animal heads at both ends. As symbols of continuity, timelessness and eternity, knotwork and interlaced designs represent eternal spiritual development; life, death and rebirth, all points on a line without beginning or end.  Knotwork is also representative of the connection between all of Creation, and is the supreme symbol of love and friendship.


  • Designed and handcrafted in Cornwall
  • Flat top embossed profile
  • Solid Pewter high polished oxidised finish
  • Presentation box included


Circumference (mm): 140
Thickness (mm): 7
Weight (g): 33
Hallmark: No
Stone: No

Note: Inside circumference does not including gap. Handworked item with some flexibility. Pewter contains NO Lead or Nickel.

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