Helm of Awe Knotwork Ring

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The Helm of Awe is one of the most powerful protective Viking symbols. Incorporating the magic of runes, this symbol is used not only for the purpose of protection from harm and disease, but also said to give encouragement from depression or anxiety. In Norse mythology the Helm of Awe symbol was worn between the eyes to cause fear in the enemy, and to protect against the abuse of power. As symbols of continuity, timelessness and eternity, knotwork and interlaced designs represent eternal spiritual development; life, death and rebirth, all points on a line without beginning or end.  Knotwork is also representative of the connection between all of Creation, and is the supreme symbol of love and friendship.


  • Inspired by Ancient Icelandic Designs
  • Marked 925 Sterling Silver
  • Flat shaped profile
  • Polished and oxidised finish
  • Presentation box included


Motif Height (mm): 14.5
Motif Width (mm): 14.5
Band Width (mm):  5
Thickness (mm): 1
Weight (g): 6.3
Marked: 925
Stone: No

Note: All details and measurements are taken from a size V ring.

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