Blue Topaz Triquetra Knotwork Ring

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Topaz, the stone of True Love. Stimulates openness and trust in relationships. Promotes individual expression and self-confidence. The Triquetra symbolises eternal love with each point linking mind, body and spirit and the Triple Goddess (the maiden, mother and crone). It was later adopted as the Trinity Knot blessing and invoking the Holy Trinity of Christianity. As symbols of continuity, timelessness and eternity, knotwork and interlaced designs represent eternal spiritual development; life, death and rebirth, all points on a line without beginning or end. Knotwork is also representative of the connection between all of Creation, and is the supreme symbol of love and friendship.


  • Designed in Cornwall England
  • Marked 925 Sterling Silver
  • Raised stone setting and profile
  • Solid open knotwork design
  • High polished finish
  • Presentation box included
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Stone Height (mm): 6.9
Stone Width (mm): 3.4
Shank Width (mm): 2.4
Shank Thickness (mm): 1.1
Weight (g): 2.8
Marked: 925
Stone: Blue Topaz

Note: All details and measurements are taken from a size O ring.

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