3.5 inch Knotwork Quaich

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As symbols of continuity, timelessness and eternity, knotwork and interlaced designs represent eternal spiritual development; life, death and rebirth, all points on a line without beginning or end. Knotwork is also representative of the connection between all of Creation, and is the supreme symbol of love and friendship.

Traditionally the "Quaich" originated in the Scottish highlands and was used both as a "Cup of Welcome" and also when offering a farewell drink. The Quaich was originally made from the primitive "staved" wood, then later from horn or leather, eventually pewter and silver becoming popular as it became the favourite drinking cup throughout Scotland. Being derived from the Gaelic word "cuach" meaning "shallow cup" the distinctive design has remained unchanged over the centuries - a shallow drinking bowl with 2 handles, colloquially known as "lugs".

The 3.5" Pewter Quaich with knotwork design measures 4.5cm tall by 7.5cm wide. Handmade in Sheffield England and includes a velvet draw-string bag and presentation box.

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