Viking Rune Compass Ring

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The Viking Compass (Vegvisir - 'Wayfinder') was thought to be a magical instrument and talisman to give protection and guidance. The eight Viking Rune Staves encompassed by runic symbols were used by Norsemen to navigate the seas and invade new lands. Runes, a Pre-Roman alphabet widely used in Northern Europe. This system of symbols was used for magic and divination in stones, amulets and decoration.


  • Inspired by Ancient Icelandic Designs
  • Marked 925 Sterling Silver
  • Flat shaped profile
  • Polished and oxidised finish
  • Presentation box included


Motif Height (mm): 18
Motif Width (mm): 18
Band Width (mm): 1
Thickness (mm): 5.5
Weight (g): 7
Marked: 925
Stone: No

Note: All details and measurements are taken from a size T ring.

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